Contribute Now to Make a Difference in Your Neighborhood
As our neighborhood has soo many amenities and unfortunately at times has unplanned challenges, neighbors who can help can donate toward getting us through those future issues as well as help the neighborhood grow and serve the community.

Enhancements and timely maintenance of all common areas is the main goal of our association, and the recently-approved budget is designed to help us do just that in a financially prudent manner.  Even with the dues increase approved by the general membership, these improvements will have to be made at a modest pace.

It was suggested that members would likely be willing to contribute additional funds to the association, over and above annual dues, in order to allow the work to proceed more quickly.  It was proposed that we initiate a way for members to contribute directly to the project and/or amenity that means the most to them.

Following are some of the categories of greatest need.  As you can see, there is something for everyone to support!  

 Lake Pasbehegh & Marina

      • Dam/Spillway repair                          ·    Dredging
      • Tree removal                                     ·    Deck updating

  Park & Pool
·        Drainage                                    ·   Pool & Grounds updates
·        Planting area make-overs           ·   Roof repair
·        Play equipment


Members and friends who contribute to this improvement-acceleration plan will be recognized on a plaque in the clubhouse, as well as in the newsletter.  The following categories of recognition have been established:

$1-$100             Settlers

$101-$200          Guild

$201-$500          Gentry

$501-$1000       Governors

Think about the value YOU place on these amenities.  Think about how much they add to the value of your home, and your family's enjoyment of our neighborhood.  Decide which of the amenities listed above YOU want to contribute to restoring and updating!

Its easy! 

Pay by Check or PayPal
        A. Make out your check to GFCACA, and in the memo area identify the area you want your funds to be used for:  Lake, Park, Marina, or Pool. 

     B.  Mail the check to:

        GFCACA Fast Forward
      PO Box 5123
      Williamsburg, VA  23188

ALL of the funds will be used for the purposes designated by the donors.  Contributors will be thanked in the upcoming newsletters, and running totals of the contributions will be reported.  Don't delay. Let's fast forward Greater First Colony's progress!

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