Conservation Plan

First Colony Conservation Plan

 Conservation Plan

     First Colony contains a large amount of land deemed sensitive by local government standards such as the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act's Resource Protection Area (RPA), and no major wetlands that are protected by the federal government.  The lake has a major RPA buffer located around it and is a significant protected feature.  An additional RPA buffer is located along The Maine, a major road in the southern part of the community that runs east and west.  In an attempt to address existing conditions and prevent potential impacts to the environment, the conservation plan identifies sensitive sites and prescribes or recommends actions to lessen the unintentional consequences of development.

     The following conservation plan contains Best Management Practices (BMPs) which, if implemented, will receive credit in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model, thereby assisting James City County in attaining a portion of its water quality goal as assigned by the Virginia Tributary Strategies Initiative.  In addition, the BMPs listed in the conservation plan are all eligible to receive financial assistance (i.e. cost share) upon their implementation per specified criteria.  It is important to understand that the list of BMPs contained within this plan is not all inclusive.  Upon review of this plan, you will have an opportunity to discuss options for your neighborhood to implement BMPs and receive cost share.

(Editor's note:  there are plans for 3 of the subdivisions of GFCACA--First Colony, Heritage Landing, and Shellbank.  We are in the process of adding each of these. Future versions will be more legible. There are accompanying aerial photographs which are not included on the web site due to the space they take up, but are available in hard copy ).

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