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The  First Colony Beach and Marina are located on the James River, which borders First Colony on the west.  The beach and marina facilities are available to current, paid members of the Greater First Colony Area Civic Association.  The marina offers boat slips, boat storage, boat launching, a large fishing deck, a gazebo, beach volleyball, and a sand beach.    

 Each GFCACA paid member household is provided with a unique smart card for the security gate entry and exit from the beach and marina. For information about the use of the gate, read the How To and the Frequently Asked Questions here. See below for payment options.

The beach comes with  beautiful views of the James River, historic Jamestowne , and awesome sunsets for enjoying with your family, friends, and neighbors.  The gazebo at the beach is available for private parties for up to 50 people with prior reservations.


 Marina Gazebo To reserve the gazebo or get information concerning boat and ramp fees, contact for fastest reply, else call First Colony Marina at 254-8118.

We invite all members of the association and their guests to enjoy the beach and marina.

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The marina and the new fishing pier. The pier was rebuilt in 2012. It includes seating, fishing pole holders, and a bait-cutting table, as well as sweeping views of the James River.

The beach/marina party deck. Many folks gather here almost every day to relax and watch the sun set over the James River.

             Rules developed by the community to promote the shared use of the beach and marina are listed below, and cover such things as hours, guests, supervision of children, pets, boat storage, and other important details.  To report use of the marina by unauthorized persons, or misuse of the facilities by anyone, call Andrew Mayfield at 254-8118, or call the police non-emergency number 566-0112.

Greater First Colony Area Civic Association

Beach and Marina Rules

(Revised January 2019)


  1. Beach and marina are solely for the use of association members in good standing and their guests.  A member must accompany guests at all times. Use of the beach and marina is at your own risk.
  2. All vehicles must have the current year membership decal prominently displayed.  Any vehicle not displaying a valid membership decal, or not the vehicle of a guest of an association member, will be considered trespassing and may be asked to leave the property.  Any person using the facilities, who is not a member in good standing or a guest accompanied by a member, will be considered trespassing and may be asked to leave the property.  Any person who is trespassing may be prosecuted.
  3. Guests are permitted within reason.  Children (under the age of 21) of members are not allowed to sponsor more than three guests at one time nor may they reserve facilities.
  4. Fishermen have priority use of the fishing pier.  Parties are not allowed on the fishing pier.
  5. The deck is available on a first come basis for groups and is not managed by reservation; however, it is the only handicap accessible area of the beach, so please be courteous.
  6. Open fires are not permitted on the beach or marina at any time.
  7. Swimming is restricted to the designated area (roped-off) of the beach.  Swimming in the marina cove is prohibited.
  8. Use of the gazebo is by reservation for groups of ten of more.  An adult member is required to be present at all times during any event at the gazebo.
  9. The beach and marina are open from 7am to 11pm each day. Access to the marina after hours to the boat ramp or for fishing is at the discretion of the beach/marina chairperson.  Once closed, persons using the facility without prior authorization for use beyond normal hours will be considered trespassing and may be prosecuted.
  10. Events shall not disturb neighbors or create a public nuisance.
  11. Alcohol shall will not be served to, or consumed by minors.
  12. Owners are responsible for animals on the beach, which must be under control, on a leash and cleaned up after.
  13. Trash and recycling containers are placed at the beach and around the gazebo; members are required to clean up after themselves and guests.  If the trash/recycling containers are full, take your trash home for disposal.
  14. Persons who do not follow the rules may be asked to leave immediately by authorized representatives of the association.  Failure to do so constitutes trespassing.  Continued problems may result in forfeiture of association membership of the family/household without refund.
  15. The boat ramp may only be used by members who have paid the annual ramp fee and display a current sticker on their watercraft.
  16. Storage spaces and slips are reserved for use by the members who have rented them and may not be used temporarily without permission of that member.
  17. All boats and trailers must be registered and insured and in operating condition. Boats, jet skis and trailers must display a current sticker indicating annual fees have been paid. 

Boat Storage

Boat storage and boat slips are available on a first come, first served (with waiting list) basis. The slips can accommodate boats 14 to 23 feet, with shallow draft. To inquire about availability, email The terms governing storage of boats can be found here

Below is the link to pay marina fees by Paypal. Note that convenience fee is added when using Pa

Marina Options

Marina application can be found by clicking this link: 2019 Marina Form
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