Park & Pavilion

Members of GFCACA are welcome to enjoy the many features of the park, located midway between The Maine and John Rolfe on Pasbehegh.  The park boasts an equipped playground for youngsters, a full size baseball field with backstop, as well as lighted basketball and tennis courts.  The competition sized pool is adjacent to the park.


Members can reserve the park pavilion at the park for social gatherings.  The pavilion is lighted at night, and includes numerous picnic tables and a charcoal grill.  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED for use of the pavilion.  Please call Marion Wolfe  at 598-1860 or Kerry Armbruster at 564-0447, or email at  to inquire about availability and to make reservations.




The playground was recently rebuilt by volunteers in the community.  It is situated between the tennis courts and the Pavilion.


Tennis Courts


Two fenced tennis courts are located within the park area.  The courts are locked when not in use.  Paid members of the Association may use the courts.  Skateboards, roller blades, and bikes are not allowed on the tennis courts.  Contact Conrad Anderson at 253-0948 or, to obtain the combination to the gate lock.


We take the safety and security of our members seriously.  The park and pavilion are patrolled by community watchguards on a regular basis and communicate with police if anything unusual is found.


This important resource takes alot of upkeep with alot of vounteer hours. Individuals who are not members of GFCACA and are not guests of a member who is present are not authorized to use any of the facilities of the park or pavilion.
  All vehicles in the parking lot MUST have a current GFCACA membership sticker.

Unauthorized users will be asked to leave, and will be reported to the police if they do not leave promptly.




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